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Green Drink Recipe:

Add to your blender:
A couple of handfuls of any fresh green leafy vegetables (ex. parsley, spinach, kale, swiss chard, dark leaf lettuce, beet tops, mustard greens, etc.)

several stalks of celery
enough purified water to blend
lemon (optional)

Blend well. 

Add mixture to a 2 quart or 1 gallon pitcher (Strain if desired).


Add enough additional water to fill pitcher.  

    Drink and enjoy. 

    Refrigerate unused portion. 

*Green drink should be made freshLeaves of Healing daily, however, when using extremely fresh produce, I've had it taste great for up to three days.

Be sure to refrigerate immediately!

Green Drink

Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing. 
 Ezekiel 47:12 MSG
Green drink contains chlorophyll, which is the blood of the plant. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to that of human blood. This gives chlorophyll, and the “drink” made from it, the ability to transform your blood. Transform the blood and you can transform your health!

Blood “Builder”

Because of the molecular structure of chlorophyll, it builds the Parsley makes "blood building" green drink!blood. Anemia has been known to respond very well to chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also an oxygenator, creating a blood stream which will not support the life of: viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast, cancer cells and other bad germ life.

Chlorophyll contains a high amount of calcium and has been shown to help regulate and control calcium levels.   

Blood “Cleaner”

Chlorophyll is an effective “poison anecdote” making it effective in neutralizing the negative effects of certain types of toxins in the blood stream. It also helps cleanse the liver and eliminates stored toxins such as drug deposits, chemical sprays on food, artificial flavorings and other coal tar dyes.  This exceptional super food also deodorizes the bowel and helps to eliminate mucous.

Blood “Healer” 

 As a natural healer, chlorophyll ranks very high. It accelerates tissue repair. Part of this ability is due to the large amounts of minerals found in this life giving food.  It will also help to restore a damaged bowel.
Among chlorophyll's other attributes are:
-increased energy and mental clarity.
-balances blood sugar and aids in blood sugar problems.
-may decrease desire for caffeine containing beverages.
-reduces unnatural food cravings, suppresses overactive appetites.
-lubricates the ileocecal valve to keep it functioning properly.
-milk supply is enriched and increased in many lactating mothers, except with parsley.
-encourages bile to move regularly.
-and much more!!!
In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, if you make this life giving "green drink" from fresh, raw leafy green vegetables, and purified water, you will also get live enzymes! 

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